BCS is part of your team and we will work with you to achieve your business goals. You decide the role we will assume within your organization.

Understanding the benefits of establishing strategic business partnerships is a key factor in making any growing company successful.  BCS recognizes this as years of working with clients has brought a wealth of business knowledge and experience.  We have learned that the effort starts with research to understand what makes your business unique.  These qualities need to be supported by solutions that further develop and showcase those unique offerings.  We have also learned that a successful partnership starts with establishing clear objectives so we can all work toward a common goal. And finally, we have learned that a partnership grows stronger when communication is a priority. We are your partner and will work as part of your team.

BCS has been able to partner with us on many different levels. They are a key member of our Strategic Planning Board and provide an invaluable resource to ensure our IT Goals remain aligned with our overall business goals.
— BCS Client, CTO


We are here to support you, your organization and you strategic business goals through a cooperative partnership.

Understand your business

We invest ourselves into getting to know how your company operates and quickly identify what may get in the way of it operating efficiently.  We become aware of your competition and understand how your company is both better than and challenge by the competition.  The more we know about your industry, market and company makes us a better strategic partner.

See beyond IT

A single departmental perspective does not facilitate strategic business development.  IT impacts all business operations.  We will take a step back to gain a wider view of how we can better support and facilitate organizational level discussions and represent corporate interests and needs.

All-inclusive service provider

Information Technology is a common conduit used to meet goals.  A true strategic partner makes themselves available to step in to assist with any group looking to meet goals.  Even if IT is not immediately identified as a means to meet a goal, we are available to listen in and advise if an IT opportunity appears available for consideration.  

Listen and Learn

We have experience and expertise, but we still listen and learn.  Every partnership includes unlimited opportunities to expand our knowledge and experience.  When we listen to you we listen carefully to better understand the information and how it relates to your specific needs.  We can offer you our insight into similar scenarios and in return you offer us the opportunity to implement within your unique environment.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help you align your IT goals with your business.

  • Strategic technology planning
  • IT solutions consultation
  • Productivity tool integration
  • CIO services
  • Business continuity support
  • Project management