Our services are built around your needs.

As a a Technology business partner, we understand we are one of many available options on the market.  However, BCS is unique in that we build our client teams and services around our clients needs.  We call it your team because it really is your team. Along with our customization of your team and services, we offer you a comprehensive set of service benefits that set us apart from the rest.  We continue to listen and learn from our client relationships so we can offer service benefits most important to those looking for IT service support.

We couldn’t be happier with our BCS partnership. They listen to our needs, provide us with options and walk with us through the implementation. They know our business, our budgets and our goals.
— BCS Client, CEO


No surprises, budget friendly, scalable and affordable.

BCS offers Pay by Device or Pay by User options.  A flat-rate IT model allows you to focus on the part of your IT budget dedicated to systems updating and infrastructure growth.  Paying by device provides a known budget impact as you scale your infrastructure.  Paying by user allows you to apply the per user cost immediately upon resource onboarding.  Flat-rate IT simplifies the annual IT budget process.



We have the resources you need to manage your IT environment.

BCS is a solutions provider.  Since solutions are provided by people, that is where we invest. BCS resources have years of experience within the IT environment covering many different roles.  Together we represent a wide base of knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide a broad range of services without unnecessary reliance on third party interaction. 

Our leadership team come from consulting backgrounds working with enterprise clients and founded BCS on the premise that small and medium sized business need the same experience and technical expertise.


Providing advanced IT services requires keeping a close eye on an ever changing industry and investing in continued discovery and learning. 

Your resources

We understand that internal technology resources are extremely valuable to you.  The ability for an internal resource to take on even small responsibilities within the IT environment is beneficial to the overall business.  BCS is an advocate of ongoing learning and training within your company.  At your request, we will gladly work with any of your resources to establish the training and documentation necessary to help develop internal IT resources.

Our resources

The IT industry is in a constant state of change and the need for updated knowledge is critical for both support and the ability to offer insight into future solutions.  When you request consultation, we are not only making recommendations based on technology available today, we are considering upcoming industry changes, product retirements and new technology releases.  BCS resources are constantly broadening their knowledge and certifications to provide you with the most current, up to date consultation possible.



Minimize risk and take control of your IT environment through a process driven, proactive operational model.

A proactive IT approach is critical to supporting a successful IT environment.  BCS will implement the necessary tool to set your organization on a path away from reactive firefighting and finally achieve a full process driven, documented and user focused proactive IT management model.

And so much more...


Keep your infrastructure operating in an optimal, efficient state while preventing latency and downtime.


Realize optimum ROI benefits through proper IT project alignment, justification and implementation management.


Be as involved as you want to be.  Working together to manage and improve your IT environment ensures successful implementations and solution longevity.


Following recommended industry standards are what keep your IT infrastructure manageable and scalable in the ever-evolving IT environment.


You can count on our highly trained, experienced technicians specializing in business IT project management, troubleshooting, systems deployment and ongoing industry research.


Professional requirements analysis will ensure your solutions are properly identified and configured to meet the specific needs of your organization and your IT vision.


Create the best possible work environment for your users by providing them immediate access to help desk resources.


Your IT infrastructure doesn’t have time off, so neither should your IT support.  We are available for you around the clock.